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January 21, 2014 - New York City
"Who's Gonna Stand Up"

September 1, 2014, from

      Under the guise of democracy, huge global corporations have purchased our politicians and are writing laws that poison our planet and dismantle our democratic process. Corporations have usurped democracy by using their vast wealth to influence politics and silence the citizen voice in government.
      All natural living systems are in rapid decline, pushing the human race ever closer to extinction. Despite enacted environmental protections, global corporations have recklessly abused the four natural resources that we rely on for life (air, soil, fresh water and oceans) as an open sewer for their toxic wastes with blatant disregard for humankind.
      Neither the environmental crisis nor the many other social and economic crises we face can be addressed until democracy is restored and this cycle of corruption is broken by corporate money being removed from politics.
      UNDER THE INFLUEN$E focuses on what can and is being done by conscious and committed citizens,
movements and businesses to reverse the ecological destruction and take back democracy.
      Read more and see the trailer here
      People, please go to this link and share. This is how I feel about
what is going on in OUR world. You can learn here. --NY


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